Work plan for state bridge and road projects unveiled

Posted: January 13, 2017 | Senator Gratwick

AUGUSTA – Democratic Sen. Geoff Gratwick of Bangor is pleased to share the details of Maine’s three-year transportation infrastructure work plan, and what it means for Senate District 9, which includes Bangor and Hermon. The plan is released annually with an outline of the Maine Department of Transportation’s strategy for road, bridge and other transportation projects throughout the state.

“ I am extremely pleased to see the list of work projects for Bangor and Hermon ,” said Sen. Gratwick. “Our roads, bridges, and public transportation are key investments for the public at large and for our economy as a whole.”

According to the MDOT, the work plan includes more than $2.3 billion worth of construction and maintenance, of which $537 million is scheduled for 632 capital projects in 2017. Included are projects for highways and bridges, transit (bus), passenger and freight railroad, aviation, ferries, ports and other marine facilities, and bicycle-pedestrian access.

Sen. Gratwick stressed the importance of funding for the MDOT work plan and its investment to the district, and the entire state. The following breakdown is what the planned capital and maintenance work will mean for the communities of Bangor and Hermon in 2017:


  • Safety and infrastructure improvements that may include design and construct LED Taxiway lighting project at the Bangor International Airport (BGR) in Bangor


  • Work beginning at Stillwater Avenue in Bangor and extending 0.35 of a mile to Springer Drive and continues on the opposite side of Stillwater Avenue for 0.10 of a mile, including crosswalk improvements on Hogan Road, Longview Drive and Stillwater Avenue
  • Work beginning at Front Street in Bangor and extending east 0.14 of a mile for a new sidewalk along Front Street for 0.03 of a mile

Bridge Construction

  • Work on the Pond Road Bridge over Interstate 95 in Hermon, located 0.05 of a mile north of North County Road

Bridge Work (Other)

  • Work on Interstate 95 northbound/Perry Road and MCRR Bridge over MCRR and Perry Road in Bangor, located 0.25 of a mile southwest of Interstate 95 and Interstate 395
  • Work on Interstate 95 southbound/Perry Road and MCRR Bridge over MCRR and Perry Road in Bangor, located 0.25 of a mile south of Interstate 395 and Route 15
  • Bridge Study on Interstate 395 in Bangor and Brewer
  • Work on Interstate 95/Broadway Bridge over Route 15 in Bangor, located 0.06 of a mile west off Exit 187 Interstate 95 northbound
  • Work on Morse Bridge over the Kenduskeag Stream in Bangor, located 0.15 of a mile north of Kenduskeag Avenue

Highway Preservation Paving

  • Work beginning 0.05 of a mile north of Doane Street in Bangor and extending north 0.99 of mile
  • Work beginning at Cedar Street in Bangor and extending north 0.26 of a mile to Kenduskeag Stream Bridge on Washington Street
  • Work beginning at Center Street in Bangor and extending north 0.66 of a mile
  • Work, beginning 0.69 of a mile west of Odlin Road in Hermon and extending west 1.14 miles

Highway Rehabilitation

  • Work beginning at Jackson Beach Park in Hermon and extending north 2.27 miles to Klatte Road

Highway Safety and Spot Improvements

  • Work on Interstate 95 northbound beginning in Newport and extending north 39.98 miles to the Old Town city line, spanning the towns of Bangor, Carmel, Etna, Hampden, Hermon, Newburgh, Orono, Plymouth and Veazie
  • Work located at the intersection of Independent Street and Broad Street in Bangor
  • Roadway and intersection safety improvements on Broadway in Bangor,  beginning at Center Street and extending to 0.14 of a mile to Alden Street and including intersection improvements at north and southbound Interstate 95 ramps


  • Repairing curb and concrete parapet and replacing joint seals on Kenduskeag Bridge in Bangor, which carries Kenduskeag Road over Interstate 95 in Bangor
  • Upgrading the bridge rail on five bridges over Interstate 95: Cook Road in Carmel, Route 69 in Newburgh, Ammo Industrial Park Road in Bangor, Chase Road in Veazie and Forest Avenue in Orono
  • Replacing curb and guardrail on Cross Bridge in Hermon, which carries Route 2 over Black Stream

Public Transportation

  • Community Connector in Bangor was awarded a bus and a bus facilities grant to purchase 5 new buses
  • Work on FTA Section 5307 for Operating Assistance, Capital/Preventative Maintenance, and ADA operating  – Community Connector

Click here to view local road assistance totals and maintenance accomplishments for 2016, the funding estimates for 2017 projects, and the full list of Bangor and Hermon projects for years 2018 and 2019.

The entire MDOT work plan can be viewed here.