Cynthia Dill is currently serving her first term as State Senator representing South Portland, Cape Elizabeth, and Scarborough. Senator Dill replaced Senator Larry Bliss who retired earlier in the 125th legislative session. Senator Dill serves on the Judiciary Committee. Prior to her time in the Senate, Dill served in the House of Representatives representing District 121 and served as a member of the Judiciary and Ethics Committees. Dill also chairs the Broadband Strategy Council. As a leading proponent of the expansion of broadband, Dill was instrumental in obtaining over $35 million of investment that will bring high-speed Internet access to rural parts of Maine and widely expand the potential for good jobs, enhanced educational opportunities, healthcare and public safety.

At the national level Dill has been appointed Vice Chair of the National Conference of State Legislature’s Communication, Financial Affairs and Interstate Commerce Committee, and is a member of the Executive Committee Task Force on State and Local Taxation of Telecommunications and Electronic Commerce. Dill has also been a panelist at numerous national conferences on broadband and net neutrality.

In addition to her legislative and public policy work, Dill currently works as the Director of the Common Cause Digital Democracy Project in Washington, DC, and serving as an adjunct faculty member at Southern Maine Community College.

Dill is an active community volunteer, serves on numerous local boards, and enjoys being a writer and commentator on local radio and television shows.

Dill resides in Cape Elizabeth with her husband and two children. Dill earned her B.A. from the University of Vermont and her J.D. from Northeastern University School of Law. For 20 years Dill managed a busy and successful private civil trial practice, representing clients in Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont.