Alfond, Hill statement on Gov. LePage's resignation consideration

Posted: August 30, 2016 | Senator Alfond, Senator Hill

AUGUSTA – Senate Democratic leaders released the following statement regarding Gov. Paul LePage’s Tuesday morning interview on WVOM, in which the governor said he is considering whether he can continue to serve as governor.

This statement may be attributed to Senate Democratic Leader Justin Alfond of Portland and Assistant Senate Democratic Leader Dawn Hill of York.

“The governor this morning said he’s wrestling with whether he’s still the right man to lead our state, whether anything can be done during the next two years with him at the helm. As unprecedented as a resignation would be, and as disappointed as we are to be where we are today, the answer, unequivocally, is no.”

“Whatever the cause of Gov. LePage’s behavior last week, it’s clear to anyone who listened to that tape, who read about the governor’s obscene insults, violent threats and endorsement of racial profiling, that this is a man who spun out of control.”

“As abhorrent as that behavior was, we’re even more concerned with what could happen next. What important decision might the governor be making the next time he experiences one of these out-of-control episodes — when he is, as he puts it, ‘so angry he literally cannot breathe?'”

“To be clear: This is not, as the governor implied, about the differences and disagreements we’ve had with him over the years. This is about how to ensure the best way to transition our state away from the chaos, dysfunction and embarrassment of the last six years, and toward restoration of a functional, effective government.”