Weekly Radio Address: Sen. Dill says fears of ‘rigged’ election are completely unfounded.

Posted: October 28, 2016 | Senator Dill, Weekly Radio Address

This year, there have been a number of allegations that our elections will somehow be “rigged.” I’m here to tell you that these fears are unfounded.

Hi, this is Senator Jim Dill, from Old Town. Thanks for tuning in.

Our state and our nation have a proud history of fair and free elections that are a model for the entire world. Our elections are decentralized and, in most cases, completely analog — free from any risk for “hacking” or other online tampering. There are systems in place for recounts and independent verification that have always served us well.

Our election officials are dedicated public servants with a sterling record of integrity. They are the hardworking men and women at the Secretary of State’s Office and the countless volunteer officials at the local level.

All of this is to say: Rest easy. Your ballots will be counted and your voice will be heard on Election Day.

Much more than any threat of misbehavior at the ballot box, I am concerned about high-ranking political officials who would sow fear about our election process. Stoking suspicion is a grave disservice to our civic institutions. To insinuate that candidates didn’t win fair and square is to jeopardize the harmonious transfer of power that separates us from the third-world.

For a presidential candidate of a major political party to make these accusations is wrong. When a candidate loses, it is his or her responsibility to recognize the will of the people. To be graceful in defeat. And, if they choose, to try again next time. But to cry wolf about the process and pretend they should have won? That’s just being a sore loser.

Democracy here in Maine is perhaps stronger than it is anywhere else in the country. Tens of thousands of Mainers have already cast absentee ballots. Hundreds of thousands more will go to the polls on Election Day. They are carrying on a proud tradition that has, time and again, seen our state rank highest in the nation for voter participation.

So do your part. Make your voice heard this Election Day. And when you do, know that our electoral system is strong. Be proud to be a part of it. I know I am.

This has been Senator Jim Dill. Thanks for listening.