Sen. Bailey hosts Thornton Academy student in the Maine Senate

Posted: April 16, 2024 | Senator Bailey

AUGUSTA ­­— Today, Sen. Donna Bailey, D-Saco, welcomed Thornton Academy student Harlow O’Leary of Saco to the Senate Chamber. Harlow served as an Honorary Student Page.

“In the final week of the legislative session, I enjoyed meeting Harlow,” said Sen. Bailey. “I learned that Harlow is a sophomore at Thornton, where she excels in the classroom and on the soccer field. As a forward, she was fully prepared to run around the Chamber, delivering notes and handing out documents. Between academics, sports, and work at Run of the Mill in Saco, Harlow is a hardworking teen, making her coaches, parents, teachers – and State Senator! – proud.”

On session days, the Senate Secretary’s Office manages the Honorary Student Page Program in the Maine State Senate. Open to students in third through twelfth grade, Honorary Student Pages perform various duties such as delivering messages, distributing documents within the Senate Chamber, interacting with State Senators, and taking part in a real world legislative learning experience.

To sign up to serve as an Honorary Student Page, contact Alex Ferguson at (207) 287-1540 or

Harlow O’Leary (left) and Sen. Donna Bailey (right) in the Senate Chamber