Sen. Baldacci introduces bill to improve child welfare

Posted: January 12, 2024 | Senator Baldacci

AUGUSTA — On Thursday, Jan. 11, Sen. Joe Baldacci, D-Bangor, introduced LD 1788, “An Act to Establish the Office of the Inspector General of Child Protection.” The bill was subject to a public hearing in the Joint Standing Committee on Health and Human Services.

“Maine DHHS is in a crisis and there are several changes that need to happen. One of my major priorities has been making sure the health and safety of children across the state is protected,” said Sen. Baldacci. “The current state of Child Protective Services in Maine does not meet the standard it should for ensuring the safety and stability of children in the state’s care. Having an Office of the Inspector General of Child Protection could ensure that these cases are looked at thoroughly, and ensure that each case is given the care and attention it deserves.”

This bill would establish the Office of the Inspector General, separate from Child Protective Services, to investigate cases of death, serious injury and abuse or neglect of children in state custody or receiving child welfare or juvenile justice services.

The bill faces further action in committee.