Sen. Curry submits bill to protect residents’ property rights in construction of transmission line

Posted: November 17, 2023 | Senator Curry

AUGUSTA – On Thursday, Sen. Chip Curry, D-Belfast, successfully convinced members of the Legislative Council to allow his bill to protect the rights of homeowners and property owners during the planned construction of an energy transmission line to move forward.

Headshot of Sen. Chip Curry
Sen. Chip Curry

“The urgency for this bill comes from the direct concerns of Mainers, who feel blindsided by potential infringements on their properties. Many of my constituents have reached out with fear that their farms, woods, and ridge tops will be lost, and they will be powerless to do anything,” said Sen. Curry. “Ultimately, this bill is about preserving Maine’s renewable energy goals while respecting the property rights of local residents. I thank the members of the Legislative Council for voting in favor of allowing this bill to move forward for the coming year.”

The goal of LR 2609, “An Act to Protect Property Owners by Preventing the Use of Eminent Domain to Build Transmission Lines Under the Northern Maine Renewable Energy Development Program,” is to protect property owners rights by prohibiting the use of eminent domain for constructing high-impact transmission lines under the Northern Maine Renewable Energy Development Program. The recent project maps proposed by LS Power regarding the new power corridor have raised alarm among the affected residents, as it may impact homes, farmland and forests. Senator Curry hopes that the outcome of this legislation will shape a more fair process for citizens who may be  impacted by Maine’s future infrastructure projects.

Once the Legislature returns in January for the second regulation session of the 131st Legislature, LR 2609 will be assigned to a committee and receive a public hearing.