Sen. Daughtry introduces bill to help rural Mainers afford backup generators

Posted: April 20, 2021 | Energy, Utilities and Technology, Senator Daughtry

AUGUSTA — On Tuesday, Sen. Mattie Daughtry, D-Brunswick, introduced a bill to help Mainers living in rural areas afford backup generators. LD 1098, “An Act To Support Rural Maine Residents through the Winter by Providing Rebates for Backup Power Generators,” was the subject of a public hearing before the Legislature’s Committee on Energy, Utilities and Technology. 

Sen. Mattie Daughtry

“This bill idea came directly out of conversations I was having with constituents this fall. When talking with folks in the district, I heard time and time again their struggles and concerns related to losing power in the winter and what that means for them,” said Sen. Daughtry. “We are all familiar with that moment of panic when the power goes out, and here in Maine it happens more often than anywhere else. Losing power might mean losing access to heat, internet connection or the ability to power life-sustaining medical equipment. Backup generators or battery storage can be an excellent answer to this problem for some, but this equipment and it’s set up can be expensive and unaffordable. This bill would help more rural Mainers stay safe and warm during power outages.”

LD 1098 would direct the Efficiency Maine Trust to provide a rebate of $1,000 toward the purchase of a residential backup power generator for a person who lives in a rural area.

The bill faces further action in committee.