Sen. Hill earns perfect voting record in 2016 legislative session

Posted: May 23, 2016 | Senator Hill

Sen. Dawn Hill, D-York, had a perfect attendance and voting record during the recently concluded legislative session.

Sen. Hill was present and voting for 100 percent of the votes recorded in the Maine Senate, excluding absences excused by the President of the Senate for illness or other extenuating circumstances.

“It is an honor to represent our district in the Maine Senate, which is why it is important that I am present to cast my vote,” said Sen. Hill. “My vote is for the people I am elected to represent.”

During the 2nd Regular Session, lawmakers cast votes to step up the fight against drug addiction, increase investments in local schools, cut taxes for Maine homeowners and businesses and boost integrity in Maine’s welfare system.

Sen. Hill also had a 100 percent attendance record during the 1st Regular Session in 2015. All told, she didn’t miss a single vote since her re-election in 2014.