Sen. Vitelli welcomes Bath, Mt. Ararat Middle School students to the Maine Senate

Posted: February 08, 2024 | Senator Vitelli

AUGUSTA ­­— On Thursday, Sen. Eloise Vitelli, D-Arrowsic, welcomed students including Henry Francis, Jane Jungbluth and Caroline Willis of Bath Middle School and Dorcas Naweza of Mt. Ararat Middle School to the Senate Chamber. All of these students served as Honorary Pages.

“As we begin a new month, the Legislature is becoming busier and busier,” said Sen. Vitelli. “I am very grateful for these students who served as Honorary Pages, helping my colleagues and me complete our work for the day. We still have more work ahead of us, so please let me know if you would like to serve as an Honorary Page in February, March or April.”

On session days, the Senate Secretary’s Office manages the Honorary Page Program in the Maine State Senate. Open to students in third grade through twelfth grade, Honorary Pages perform various duties such as delivering messages, distributing documents within the Senate Chamber, interacting with State Senators, and – most importantly – taking part in a real world, legislative learning experience. To sign up to serve as an Honorary Page, contact Alex Ferguson at (207) 287-1540 or

From left: Henry Francis, Caroline Willis, Jane Jungbluth, Sen. Eloise Vitelli, and Dorcas Naweza