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Senate District 28
Ben Chipman

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Senator Chipman introduces legislation to exempt pet medications from sales tax

AUGUSTA — On Tuesday, Senator Ben Chipman, D-Portland, proposed legislation to exempt pet prescription medications from sales tax, bringing down costs for pet owners across the state. LD 1689, “An Act to Exempt Prescription Pet Medications from Sales Tax,” was the subject of a public hearing...

Senator Chipman introduces legislation to help address housing crisis

AUGUSTA — On Tuesday, Senator Ben Chipman, D-Portland, proposed legislation to help address the current housing crisis by removing barriers to creating affordable housing. LD 1593, “An Act to Increase Affordable Housing Development,” was the subject of a public hearing before the Joint...

Senator Ben Chipman is serving his third term in the Maine Senate, having previously served for six years in the House of Representatives. He represents Senate District 27, which consists of part of the city of Portland, including Peaks, Cliff and Great Diamond islands.

A passion for environmental activism, public transportation, affordable housing and economic opportunity motivated Senator Chipman to become active in politics during his college years. He began his career in the State House as an aide in the Office of the Clerk of the House in 2002. Later, in 2010, he was elected to his first term in the House of Representatives, where he served the people of Portland for six years.

During his tenure in the House, Senator Chipman has served on the Committee on Veterans and Legal Affairs and the Committee on the Environment and Natural Resources. Since being elected to the Maine Senate in 2016 he has served as the democratic lead on the Committee on Health and Human Services, a member of the Committee on Transportation, and currently serves as the senate chair of the Committee on Taxation.

Senator Chipman is a lifelong Mainer and a small-business owner. He resides in the East Bayside neighborhood of Portland.


  • University of Maine, Class of 1997

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