Posted: June 08, 2011 | Judiciary, Senator Bartlett, Senator Dill

Bill is “unnecessary and mean spirited”

AUGUSTA – Senate Democrats today defeated a measure that would have violated the Maine Human Rights Act by restricting transgender people from using the bathroom of the sex for which they identify. The bill was rejected in a vote of 11 – 23.


This bill is unnecessary and worse it’s mean spirited,” said Senator Phil Bartlett. “Passing this bill would have sent the wrong message to the transgender community or any other minority, for that matter, that we will not protect them. This bill is rooted in hatred and bigotry and cannot be tolerated.”


We cannot sanction a measure that is based in fear,” said Senator Cynthia Dill of Cape Elizabeth. “Maine people are independent minded and know that there’s no place for a modern day Jim Crow law.”


Nearly 20 states now have transgender nondiscrimination laws in place.