Sen. Maxmin earns perfect score for voting record to protect reproductive rights

Posted: October 29, 2021 | Senator Maxmin

AUGUSTA – Sen. Chloe Maxmin, D-Nobleboro, earned a perfect score from Planned Parenthood Maine for protecting reproductive rights and access to health care for Mainers. Sen. Maxmin is one of 22 senators to earn a perfect score for their 2021 voting record from Planned Parenthood Maine.

“Keeping abortion legal is critical as we strive to build a more equitable and just society,” said Sen. Maxmin. “We can already see the consequences of limiting access to legal abortion in Texas, where wealthy people can travel to get the care they need, but people with fewer resources – disproportionately people of color and poorer people – can’t. In a place like Maine, where so many already have to travel far distances to get the care they need, we should be focusing on making health care, including abortion, more accessible, not less.”

Planned Parenthood scored Maine legislators on their votes on six bills that sought to undermine access to abortion in the state. One of the proposals rejected by lawmakers advocated for a practice that is medically dangerous and, in some cases, life-threatening to the patient.

Despite overwhelming public support for abortion access across the country, states enacted more than 100 abortion restrictions just this year, including the draconian Texas abortion ban. In September of this year, Sen. Maxmin joined nearly 900 other legislators from across the nation in filing an amicus brief with the U.S. Supreme Court urging the Court to reject Mississippi’s ban of most abortions after 15 weeks. Although the Maine Legislature debated similar proposals, state lawmakers stood together to reject these attempts to limit Mainers’ access to legal abortion and reproductive health care.

Planned Parenthood provides reproductive and other health care services, including abortion care, immunizations and cancer screenings.

The complete Maine Senate legislative scorecard can be found here.